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Reasons why you should use US to OZ

  • Superior customer service
  • Australian owned and operated
  • No membership fees
  • Free consolidation of packages
  • Free excess packaging removal
  • Free photographs of your order if requested
  • USPS online prices used
  • First Class mail insurance available
  • Access to high volume discounts for FedEx, DHL, UPS
  • Sea freight available for large, bulky or heavy items
  • Online tracking

Your Name – Your Payment* - Your Billing Address – Our Shipping Address - Simple

What we do

Your Name – Your Payment* - Your Billing Address – Our Shipping Address - Simple

Many businesses in the US won’t ship overseas or accept an overseas credit card – instead of missing out on the great prices offered to US consumers take action and let US to OZ finalise the purchase for you.

You see, we act as your US postal address. You get the goods shipped to us and for a small fee we forward them on to you, saving you plenty of money in the process. If they don’t accept your credit card we can make the purchase on your behalf. Simple.

See details of our services.

You can see some actual customer savings here.

At US to OZ our loyalty lies with our customer. Therefore we do not exclusively use a particular carrier - we use whoever offers you the best value with your shipping.

Sea Freight

Economical shipping for large items

We have partnered with a sea freight company who offer very competitive rates for shipping large items. To see just how affordable it is to ship large items, please use this calculator to get the shipping price and contact us for any questions you have.

For small items, please contact us for a shipping estimate.

Where have we shipped?

We thought it would be fun to map some of the places we have shipped to. See if we have shipped to your suburb.

US iTunes gift cards

Why have a US iTunes account?
  • Cheaper songs ($1.29 USD compared to $2.19 AUD)
  • Access to cheaper and bigger collection of movies
  • Access to the latest TV shows
  • Cheaper movie rentals
  • A much larger selection of songs and movies

We can provide you with the US iTunes gift cards so you can start saving today with your iTunes USA account.

For more information, see our US iTunes Information page.


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*We can also purchase on your behalf if the US online retailer won’t accept your payment