Our fee is 4.5% of goods plus shipping with a minimum fee of $8.50 USD and a maximum fee of $250.00 USD for each shipment with a cost of goods up to $15,000.00 USD. For orders with a cost of goods exceeding $15,000.00 USD we will provide a quote for our fee upfront. For orders that need to be shipped from the US in multiple packages the fee applies per package/shipping label that we prepare.

Service Fees

Membership fee None, free.
Consolidation and repacking Free.
Removing excess packaging Free.
Photographs of your order Free.
Assisted Purchases Free.
Exchange Rate The exchange rate used for the conversion from USD to AUD is the current exchange rate less a 2.5 cent reduction, eg if the current exchange rate is 0.745 then the rate used in the conversion will be 0.72.
Other Services An additional service fee may be applicable for additional services eg: eBay purchases. These fees are covered under the individual service on our service page.
Sea Freight For large items purchased and shipped by sea freight via our California port, the sales tax may be refunded. A $30.00 USD service fee applies. Not all retailers participate in this so please contact us for more information.
Other Countries We get many inquiries from people who don't live in Australia as to whether or not they can use our service. We are more than happy to assist. Please contact us for assistance.

Example of how our fee is calculated

Cost of items purchased: $200 USD.

Shipping cost: $50 USD.

Shipping plus cost of items: $250.00 USD

Our Fee: $11.25 USD ($250.00 * 0.045)